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The Caney House did a great job at ensuring that everything was in order and ready to go for the pre wedding activities and wedding activities. They were kind and the place looked wonderful. The house was decorated just as Keith and I are; laid back, but elegant. Lisa and her family/staff were wonderful at ensuring our once in a lifetime dream came true. Our families had a blast and if we had to do it again, we would do it exactly the same. Thank You for all you did, we appreciate it!!Sincerely,The Walters Family

The Caney House was the perfect place for our wedding--a nice, elegant, quiet, private place. Lisa and her family are very nice and work hard to make sure everything comes out just right. They do a great job! Our guests and family were very happy with the place...everybody loved it. Thank you for everything. You made our special day memorable.Sincerely,The Granados Family

Caney House and the Transcending of TImeThe evening started gathering information for friends looking for a possible bed and breakfast house location while away from home. As I walked to the front door of the old plantation house called the Caney House, I could not help but wonder about the people of the past and how they lived. The feeling was somewhat unique and spellbinding to say the least. Before the owner opened the door to greet me, I seemed to be transported back in time, and the cares of the present were now racing backwards in time. The year quickly went from 2011 to the 1800's. Was this possible? One can only wonder. After being greeted by the owner who shared information that I was searching for, I was given a tour of the old plantation house and its holdings. Once inside, my mind began to swirl and swirl around, a feeling that made the one on the porch seem will to none. Somehow I had broken all bonds of the present and entered into what some would call a portal of time. Throughout the tour, I could not help but touch and caress the things that I saw, one room to the next. I tried to shake it off as a dream, but the spell of the past took hold deeper as the tour progressed. Up on the top floor, I stood out on the balcony, it's front seemed to change to a narrow buggy trail and any minute a sounthern gentleman and their southern belles would return from their daily business of the mid 1800's drawn by horse and carriage. With old wicker chairs sitting idle on op, I had to fight the urge to sit and close my eyes and enjoy the present, but who was I to do so. Was I just a paumper of the past, or was I now a southern gentlemen in this new time, I could not tell, but only wanted to hold fast to the magic that was here. After the tour and back outside, again time began to swirl and race ahead and an incredible rate of speed. I knew that the spell was being broken and soon I would reach the present and could not help but fight away the sadness that time and change always brings our way. As I drove away, I coulnd not help but wonder that maybe someday I would go back into the portal of time and sit on the balcony and if I'll be the pauper drinking water or a southern gentleman sipping wine ...I can only wonder. If one gets a chance to enter and visit the caney house, you never know what will happen. The thing I know for sure is the portal opens and closes at the front porch. Curtis Dykes

Our evening wedding at the Caney House was very memorable. The outdoor scenery was beautiful and elegant, it added a special and unique touch to our big day. We were very impressed by the seating and table arrangements fitting our guests comfortably. Over all we found Mr. and Mrs. Blaha very helpful and quick to tend to anything we needed. We find it a beautiful and great place to have any special event. Sincerely Sindy Rangel

Dear Lisa,We just wanted to let you know how much we appreciated your generosity and help in making our daughter’s wedding day very special. The Caney House was decorated beautifully inside with a lot of seated areas to accommodate the guests. We liked the extra rooms for privacy for the wedding party to get changed and places for their personal items upstairs. The outside grounds and patio were lovely to accommodate a nice garden setting for the wedding party and guests. We liked the arbor with the lighting overhead for the evening. The front porch areas were nice for seating guests outside. The antique tables were lovely for the guest book and displays items and the floral arranging for the tables were displayed very nicely for the guests and the table for the wedding party. We liked the stage platform to accommodate the disc jockey and equipment for music and lighting. All of our guests enjoyed the home and outdoor setting. There was enough parking areas as well for the guests. We were especially grateful that you had extra champagne glassware and punch bowls for serving tea and lemonade to guests as needed. We also appreciated your ideas for decorating and helping out with the wedding party at the rehearsal as well. It really made the wedding day go much smoother. We thank you for a wonderful job on decorating the tables in the colors coordinated for the wedding. We will be sure to let our friends know of this lovely plantation home and grounds for a wedding or special event. Sincerely,Frank and Liz Jacobus